_DSC2098Every dog at Adventure Pet has a story. Some are mutt mixes and some are pure breeds. Some are social and some tend to be more of a lone ranger. Regardless of age and size we see it all at Adventure Pet.

We would like you to meet Sig, a Belgian Malinois who was rescued at 16 weeks of age. His mother was taken away at birth, and he and his littler mates started turning into a feral pack, desperately in need of good homes. However, all the puppies were surrendered to a shelter in Los Angeles. The shelter decided to capitalize on the popularity of the breed and planned to auction off each of them to the highest bidder. Fortunately, a rescue organization was able to raise enough money to buy the whole litter and adopt out each one to their own forever homes.

Sig was born with cataracts in both eyes and was likely a weaker pup left to fight it out with his litter mates. That combined with no motherly influence led to the development of fear aggression. He is a socially awkward dog, but through time and daily adventures with Adventure Pet he has blossomed into a happy and healthy boy. His daily adventures have helped him learn how to be social and connect in a positive way with other dogs. Monday through Friday morning he gears up and anticipates the morning Adventure and has become one of the many ambassadors at Adventure Pet. He is now two years old, lanky, and flourishing with a love for life.

Every dog has their story, some start in the streets and others start in a loving home. All have different experiences and tendencies, fortunately Adventure Pet can provide an environment where dogs can simply be dogs and enjoy the great outdoors with their pack.