BaseCamp FAQ

Our philosophy at Adventure Pet is “a tired pup is a happy pup,” which is why we offer so many options for our dogs to get the exercise and stimulation they need to be a well-balanced and content canine. BaseCamp is our DayCamp and boarding facility that can meet the needs of your pup. 

Why Adventure Pet BaseCamp?

When we designed our facility we started by surveying our clients. We knew they wanted us to be different than anything else in the area. So we started by asking them specifically what they wanted us to incorporate into the type of experience they wanted for their dogs who were boarding or spending the day with us. It was our goal to incorporate all these requests, which has created a unique facility.

What kind of outdoor play areas does BaseCamp have?

Clients asked for plenty of outdoor time for their pups. They know how much dogs love to be outside, so we have optimized our property to allow for a high amount of outdoor play. In fact, we have the largest outdoor play area of any facility in the area, two acres. We have a total of 6 acres of property to continue to develop for your pup well into the future. 

How big are the DayCamp play groups?

We’ve learned during Excursions that pups love to play with a pack of their buddies. However, too many dogs in a group can stress out certain dogs making the experience of play time less than fun and create problems. Our handler to dog ratio is small and allow our staff to engage with the dogs, get to know them and really see how pups are managing in the group.

Does BaseCamp have more than one play area?

We have created several distinct play areas throughout our property. Each provides the opportunity for dogs to have different experiences throughout the day. These include indoor and outdoor time, water time (when the weather is warm) and open area relaxation time. This creates an engaging and stimulating experience so that dogs and handlers don’t get bored. Our dogs will cycle through these areas throughout the day.

What is a splash park?

Most dogs love water, so we’ve designed outdoor play areas with splash parks to play in. We have a 9′ X 16′ shallow pool, a 300 gallon pond and four 50 gallon ponds throughout our property. In addition we have sprinklers around the whole facility to cool things off in an instant. (*Splash park will not be open during winter months)

How do you manage your air quality?

We know that germs breed in the air when dogs are confined to an enclosed space without enough ventilation. We’ve installed a 15 ton HVAC system designed to turn over the air in our facility eight times per hour. The average home has a 1 ton system that does this once per hour. Our mission is to cut down on air born germs and create an environment that is clean and smells good.

Where is BaseCamp located?

We know that our clients are busy, so making time to get pups to and from DayCamp and boarding can be challenging. Our facility is conveniently located in south Reno five minutes from the South Meadows Parkway exit from the freeway on the west end, and five minutes from the SouthEast Connector exit at South Meadows Parkway on the east end. Whether you live in Reno or Sparks it will be easy to bring your pups to BaseCamp!

How secure is the neighborhood?

While our location is easy to get to, it’s tucked away from main traffic and resides on a relatively quiet street with no pass through traffic. The South Meadows location is known to be family friendly and safe, providing you with the added comfort of security for your pups.

Why doesn’t BaseCamp have livestreaming?

Recently, we had a member of the community ask us why we don’t have cameras livestreaming the activities of our dogs throughout our property. The answer for us is fairly simple; we respect the privacy, safety and security of our clients. Many of us can look back over the last year and agree that we’ve experienced changes in life that most never imagined or saw coming. In our industry, a sad result of what Covid has done is the creation of “dog flipping.” If you’re unaware, the practice of dog flipping is when a family dog is stolen from its owners and then sold online through outlets such as Craigslist. Many of you may have seen the story about Lady Gaga’s dogs being stolen from her dog walker. In her situation, she was fortunate to have her dogs returned. However, this isn’t always the case for people who are the victims of theft of their precious pups. While we never saw this trend coming, from day one safety and security has been at the forefront of how we’ve created Adventure Pet BaseCamp. We installed 40 cameras that cover our entire property inside and out for use in maintaining the security of the property. However, we’re also incredibly protective of our clients’ privacy and safety. While some places promote live streaming of their play groups and boarding dogs, we actually avoid this practice. We’d prefer to keep the identity of our clients and dog breeds private, and unavailable for screen shots and publicization by non-clients who can access the livestream online. We see our clients’ dogs as their children and feel just as children should be allowed privacy and protection in an online format, so do our client’s dogs. We don’t allow our team to bring cell phones into group, and they are not allowed to photograph our client’s dogs for their own purposes. We want our clients to know their dogs can play and be crazy and have fun without concern that people who are ill intended are specifically watching our dogs each day to get to know their facility visitation habits and routines.

Additionally, we have a team member whose sole job is to be on property all night in case of any type of emergency. Our property is never left unattended while dogs are entrusted to our care. We’ve invited fire services and law enforcement to tour our facility top to bottom to familiarize themselves with who we are in case we are ever in need of their services. Honestly, we have many first responder clients who have been integral in helping us create our security measures. In short, the safety and privacy of your pups is more important than utilizing livestream of our play groups to promote our property. The combination of ill intended internet streaming viewers and no overnight staff is a sour recipe that we have never participated in. We work hard to get to know each and every dog, and each and every client. We welcome clients to take a full tour of our property to see exactly every place their dog will be during their time with us whether playing, eating, bathing or sleeping. We allow our staff to bring pups directly to clients from group so they can get to know the people who are boots on the ground playing with and engaging with their pups every day. Ultimately, we want to instill a bond of trust that allows our clients to fully engage at work or enjoy that well earned vacation without worrying that they need to check in on their dogs frequently throughout the day to make sure their pup is happy. We love providing reports to clients about who their dog’s best friend is, how much fun they had in our pool, who their favorite handler is and even at times put a GPS tracker on a pup just to see how many miles they run the property in a day! We feel one of the best aspects of our service is our customer service. We love communicating directly with clients directly, and will always commit to making your dog’s stay their best day ever while allowing you the confident of knowing that your dog is in loving hands.