1. Head to the Registration tab to create a new profile for your pup. Make sure you check out our Policies page as well! This will give you details on vaccination and age requirements, as well as some terms + conditions. 
2. Make sure you have those vaccination records handy! Vaccine records can be scanned and uploaded to your profile. The dates must be manually input by a staff member, so hang tight! Give us a call if it has been more than 12 hours since your upload, and you are still unable to request an evaluation!
3. Once those vaccinations are entered in the system, you will be able to schedule a 30-minute evaluation through your online portal. 
4. If your pup passes their evaluation, they are free to start DayCamp that same day! We require two days of DayCamp (half or full days) before any boarding reservations. This is an extremely important step in the introduction to the pack, as it ensures that your dog is comfortable and familiar with the facility!