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What a pretty day. The sun was shining and the air was cool. The dogs were happy taking turns chasing each other around and chewing on bones they found. We found a very small and cool shady spot. Several pups laid there to cool off...

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Ahhh, thanks! Yes, we treat every dog as if they are our own, we can't wait to see Jolene high stepping on her next visit with us.

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We've had such a wonderful experience with Troy and his staff at Adventure Pet-base camp regarding Jolene's "sissy paws" issue. I was worried Jolene and I would be seen as a problem, but we weren't! 😀 Rather, they treated her situation like it was a problem with one of their own pups. As they've reintroduced Jolene to the terrain, they've given her paws a break throughout the day by placing her indoors for a little bit. As a result, her paws haven't been raw or irritated like in previous visits and what irritation she does have is minimal. 😁 On Thursday, I showed up and they presented us with a gift.... booties! 🤩 And ironically the same ones that were in my Amazon cart waiting to be purchased. I was so surprised and felt touched that they cared that much. So grateful! 🙏 Today, I'm working on acclimating her to the booties so on Tuesday she can enjoy them all day when she goes to Adventure Pet without the breaks, hopefully. It's no wonder to me why Adventure Pet was voted #1 Pet Business in Reno!!! Thank you for holding your business to a level of class most businesses fail to meet anymore.
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With puppy classes on the tail end of finishing up we are stoked to announce our next series of classes, Dog 101 - Basic Obedience. The class is six weeks and runs from September 15 - October 20 with a start time of 11:30 am....

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