• 5 star ratingAdventure Pet is incredible! My dogs get so excited to go, they are at the door at least 5 minutes before I can even hear the van come to get them. They are so professional and careful with our beloved dogs. They always go out of their way to ensure safety and fun is had by all dogs. Sure they come back dirty - but that's how I know they had a great time. I cannot recommend this business enough for your dogs- just make sure you have dogs that come back! Troy and Stephanie are incredible people who also give back to the community constantly. They are raising their daughter the very same way and she is amazing!

    Marilyn Y. Avatar
    Marilyn Y.
  • 5 star ratingStephanie and Troy are great people and really care about the dogs they serve.  My daughter, Marilyn York, has used their Daily Field Trip Adventures for years and has been very pleased and her dogs love the outdoor exercise and come home calm and happy.  Coincidentally I live on 22 acres bordering the BLM that these great adventures often kick off from so I see them on many morning excursions.  Sometimes my dogs join them unknowing to me and Stephanie or Troy calls me on the phone to let me know.  After the joined adventure they deliver my dogs to me - how sweet!  These are good people and I highly recommend their canine services.

    Ray Y. Avatar
    Ray Y.
  • 5 star ratingBoth of my corgis are treated like family here! Troy even texted me on my older corgi's 9 year birthday this year to wish him a happy birthday. There is no place better to take your dog in Reno.

    Bevan R. Avatar
    Bevan R.
  • 5 star ratingLove this place! Our dogs enjoy going here and are content, tired and well exercised when they come home. The facility is clean and well run. What more could you ask for?

    Tanya P. Avatar
    Tanya P.
  • 5 star ratingI can not say enough good things about Troy and Stephanie and Adventure Pet.  Both of my dogs have done the adventures and also been to their boarding facility.  It's the only time my dogs don't want to come home! The fun outdoor excursions not only keep my dogs in great condition but it's also great interaction with other dogs.  The boarding facility is beautiful, clean and well managed.  Your dogs get one on one with the staff and also have an outdoor play area.  Everyone involved is trained and so nice!!  I highly recommend them!
    Rocky & Izzy's Mom

    Julie D. Avatar
    Julie D.
  • 5 star ratingI LOVE my dogs, but not as much as my dogs love Adventure Pet. They know what day they are going on their adventure with Michael and sit patiently by the door until he arrives, one of my dogs will not even eat breakfast because he is so excited.  They burst out the door jumping on Michael for love hop in the car, off they go.  We also use BaseCamp when we go out of town I am so happy that we have this amazing business that treats us like family and loves on our fur babies as much as we do.

    morgan b. Avatar
    morgan b.
  • 5 star ratingWe have been taking our goldendoodle Gibson to basecamp pretty much since they opened up and have had nothing but great experiences. Gibson loves going to daycare and he has also been boarded there. I like that the dogs are out playing for the majority of the time they are there and not in the kennel when I board him overnight. He always comes home so tired! I also love that they have the option to buy daycare packages to save money and with the packages you can drop off and pick up your dog curbside so you don't have to park and go in if you're in a rush. Never have had an issue booking daycare or boarding last minute. I feel good knowing that my dog is safe when we're at work and on trips and that he isn't locked up in a kennel somewhere! Thank goodness for basecamp 🙂

    Rachel G. Avatar
    Rachel G.
  • 5 star ratingWhen relocating to Reno last year, one of our top priorities was finding care for our pup with our frequent work travel.  Fortunately Adventure Pet Basecamp opened just as we arrived in town.  We can not say enough good things about this entire operation.  We now have 2 dogs and it is their home away from home.  Last winter, our biggest concern with the impending arrival of our first baby was what we would do with our pup if we had to go to the hospital in the middle of the night.  One of the owners gave me his personal cell number to call at any hour of the night.  Fortunately, we didn't have to call him in the middle of the night, but this is the level of service and commitment in the care they give our furry family members!  We could not be more grateful 🙂

    Jaclyn D. Avatar
    Jaclyn D.
  • 5 star ratingFrom day one, the owners and staff at Adventure Pet have been amazing with my sweet Jolene! Within the first couple of months being there, Jolene had a reaction to the terrain and Troy was on it! Turns out Jolene had some soft paws and from that day forward she was deemed "Sissy Paws." The fact Jolene is so excited to go to Adventure Pet, and is a sad panda when I pick her up, means they're doing something right. We now call Adventure Pet "Disneyland" because she's that excited to go. I often will choose to board Jolene at Adventure Pet over a dog sitter because she is so well care for and has so much fun. I truly trust they consider Jolene as part of the family there. No other place I'd even consider for her. Adventure Pet is amazing!

    Monique F. Avatar
    Monique F.
  • 5 star ratingMy dog is extremely loved and well taken care of at AP, and this is the best, most beautiful facility in all of Reno. They are dog-care minded and really care about the pets' well being, which is so comforting. In fact I think at one point one of the staff offered to adopt my dog. While I kindly said no, it is great to know she is genuinely loved when mom has to go away. Troy + Steph work very hard to make this the best place for pets and it truly shows!

    Lindsey P. Avatar
    Lindsey P.
  • positive review Yes, I would recommend Adventure Pet-Base camp. I have toured the facility on more than one occasion. It is extremely clean and well run. The staff are very friendly and great with the dogs. They all exemplify professionalism in their conduct and their dress. The dogs appeared to be happy and relaxed. Highly recommend them

    Linda Beck Avatar
    Linda Beck
  • 5 star ratingUpdate....we have been with Adventure Pet for over 5 years.  We select people to care for our dogs with the same standards that I recommend for my patients selecting daycare for their children.  Kate, now Jack and soon Maia will join the group.Troy and Stephanie are caring, kind and incredibly ethical. One time we went over a month without walks because they couldn't find people they trusted with everyones pups.
    We primarily use the adventures but Jack loved his day care experience. It is difficult to tire a 2 year old lab, but he slept with a big smile afterwards.
    I never hesitate to recommend Adventure Pet and have always had positive reviews from friends , and their owners.

    Patricia L. Avatar
    Patricia L.
  • 5 star ratingI learned about Adventure Pet from a co-worker when I first moved to Reno about 3 years ago.  I started out using their excursions, but also boarded my little guy there.  I was so impressed with the facility and Troy and Stephanie that I actually started working there a year ago!!  I must say it's one of the first jobs I've ever had where I love going to work!  The facility is gorgeous and well-designed to make any dog's stay there (whether it's daycamp or boarding) comfortable, safe and fun.   The dog to handler ratio is smaller than most facilities so the dogs get great attention and close observation!!  As both a client and employee, I highly recommend AP for you fur baby!!

    Julie I. Avatar
    Julie I.
  • 5 star ratingFor those of you looking for the most awesome place in town to bring your dogs for daycare or adventure pet runs I can't say enough about Adventure Pet! I've been taking my two girls there since they first opened for business almost six years now! My dogs love them like family.  I do mostly adventure pet runs where they pick them up take them out for run time!  The girls wait by the door at the same time daily waiting for their pickup, so sweet!! I trust them implicitly!  Their boarding facility and day camp in  the best in town and I've tried several.  Stephanie and Troy put their heart and soul into the business and care about your pets as if they were their own! No business is perfect but they come pretty damm close, I trust them with my dogs and I say that from my heart!

    Connie B. Avatar
    Connie B.
  • 5 star ratingTroy and Stephanie have been absolutely AMAZING!! Before the Adventure Pet facility was actually built Troy began taking out our pups. One of our pups is special and has a lot of anxiety, both Troy and his staff have all spent a ton of time with him helping him feel less stressed and anxious. Getting him out on these excisions really helps get him get back to his old self. They really love on them and take care of them as if they were their own. I get pictures, I get updates if needed via text, and they have even taken our dogs out on solo excisions while we were on vacation to help them get our extra.

    They really do go above and beyond!!

    We have also taken them to the base camp, and I can tell you my dogs literally drag me in the door when we drop them off. They LOVE it!! They come home tired for sure!!

    Sammy T. Avatar
    Sammy T.
  • 5 star ratingMy dogs and I love Adventure Pet and the staff there!! We've been going there since before they had the physical building and have had nothing but great experiences with the staff! One of my dogs is a 13 y/o rescue who has separation anxiety and is blind/deaf and they take such GREAT care of him!! They're always great abt making sure I know what's happening with him and he's come out of his shell so much since we've started taking him there! My other dog gets so excited to go he pulls my arm when I say we're going, and they both come home so happy and exhausted. We love, love, love Adventure Pet so much!

    Linda K. Avatar
    Linda K.
  • 5 star ratingThis company is awesome.  We had our dog in the day adventures and she loved it.  We've also had our dog boarded a couple times now. Last time for 10 days at their base camp. She loves it. So excited when she sees where she is going. It's so nice to have a place we trust for our family member.

    Brian R. Avatar
    Brian R.
  • 5 star ratingAdventure Pet is the best pet service I have ever had.  Troy and Stephanie have been a big part of our pets lives, and have done a phenomenal job building this business.  My dogs have been going on excursions for 6 years, and I can't imagine life without them! Great group of people!

    Val C. Avatar
    Val C.
  • 5 star ratingMy quirky dog Arya started with Adventure Pet four years ago. I signed her up to go out on group hiking adventures. Troy, the owner, came to my house to meet Arya. Arya has always been fearful of men, but decided from very early on Troy was one of her favorite people! Arya frequently attends day camp at Adventure Pet and practically drags me to the front door when I drop her off and is exhausted when I pick her up. I have recommended Adventure Pet to several of my friends have would highly recommend to anyone reading this review.

    Kelly R. Avatar
    Kelly R.
  • positive review My granddog Pearls favorite place to go..comes home tired and happy ❤️🐶

    Chris Senko Avatar
    Chris Senko