elevation-frontExciting developments have been taking place as Adventure Pet BaseCamp draws closer to reality. Every aspect of the plans have been finalized, features, fixtures, colors and finishing touches have been selected. Next step, construction.

When we decided to go down the path of building BaseCamp we knew a whole lot of key people had to come along for the ride with us; namely our clients. In fact, before we even started putting pen to paper to come up with a design we surveyed our clients to gather together a wish list. Interestingly enough, clients asked for things such as a place that smells nice, feels like home and has staff on-site 24 hours a day. Additionally, clients asked for extended drop off and pick up times for DayCamp, drop off and pick up at home for boarding and social boarding options for pups who like to sleep on the couch. We were also asked to make sure adventures were a daily occurrence for boarding pups, playtime in water and for us to continue to make their dogs feel loved like they do every day they come out with us.

We’ve gathered together a team of visionaries who agreed wholeheartedly with the requests of our clients, and have begun the process of making the above vision a very true reality. Pups will enjoy multiple play areas, including off-leash hikes, water play time and a choice of two living rooms complete with pup approved furniture, wood burning stoves and TV programmed to a dog’s taste. Dogs who enjoy space of their own will be assigned a kennel built to fit their individual size needs along with an evening paw rubdown with lavender oil to ensure a relaxing night of sleep.

While we’re nearing construction there’s still time for clients to submit suggestions. If you think of something you’d like to include in BaseCamp’s future, please don’t hesitate to let us know!