We strive to provide the most fun, energetic and safe environment for our Adventure Pet pups. In order for us to do that, pups need to meet a few basic requirements. If your dog fits the following bill please drop us an email so we can schedule a time to meet you!

Dogs that are not spayed or neutered are handled on an individual basis and only one is allowed per group.

Must be current on shots.

Must be good with other dogs. If your pup is known to fight or isn’t really interested in other dogs, a personal dog walker might be your best bet.

Must be good off leash. If you know your pup might run off once released into the wide open spaces Adventure Pet is not the right fit.

Must have good recall. When we call your pup we need for them to come to us. For the safety of everyone we need to have dogs respond positively to the pack leader and not require coaxing.

If your dog meets all the requirements the next step is to fill out our registration form and email to the email address listed on the form (be sure to read the instructions at the top). After we receive the form then we can schedule an in-home visit. We look forward to meeting you and your pup to talk more in detail about your dog and our program.