Daily Field Trip Adventures

Research shows that dogs have an innate need to play in a pack group setting. We create compatible packs based on the specific personalities of our Adventure Pets and provide an environment for them to play, run, chase, roll around and simply be a dog. Depending on the age and breed of your dog, most canines need between 30-60 minutes of hard aerobic exercise on a daily basis. At Adventure Pet, we provide adventures in wide open spaces that fulfill the physical and mental stimulation your dog needs. In fact, you’ll likely notice an immediate change in how relaxed and content your dog is after a day out with Adventure Pet. We believe in the notion that a tired pup is a good pup. Adventure Pet is licensed, bonded, insured and Pet CPR/Pet First Aid Certified.

Outdoor pack field trips include water and transportation to and from your home. Expect your dogs to be with us anywhere from 2-4 hours (depending on the order in which they are picked-up and dropped-off). Cool action pictures of your dog’s adventures are taken and posted daily on our Facebook page. If you do not have a Facebook account we provide a live feed that does not require an account on our website called “Facebook Posts” under the Outdoor Excursions menu. All of this for $30 a trip!

For your peace of mind we outfit every new dog with a GPS collar and use the latest technology for the convenience, security and safety of our customers and their dogs. To learn more about the technologies that we use, visit our technology page.

Please note there is currently a waiting list in all our service areas.

4 Steps to Adventure

Please note there is currently a waiting list in all our service areas. To get the process started for enrolling your dog(s) in Outdoor Excursions, simply select the icon above. Question? Email  excursions@adventurepet.com



One dog Adventure $35

Two dog (per household) Adventure $66

Three dog (per household) Adventure $93

Four dog (per household) Adventure $119

Five dog (per household) Adventure $147

We typically do not do drop-ins, our Adventures are regularly scheduled outings on a weekly basis. How many days a week your dog(s) goes out with us depends on what your needs are. Some dogs go one day a week while others go five.